Sunday, June 01, 2008


hahas. went shopping today :D and i got this really cool pants with detachable suspenders! hahahas. suspenders are cooooool. and my sis went into a tie craze. o.O but heck, ties are cool but really ex. and my sis seems to like stuff with skulls on it. don't see the draw of it though. but heck. suspenders :D hahahaha.

and bugis street is so creepy. so much gothic-like clothing. like black red white and lace and things! hahaha. OHHHH. but 77th street has this reallyyyy cute bag! its like a sling, that's like black and red. it's black on the outside and the outside is like zippable so it's like unzipping a jacket and then theres a red checkered thingy inside. hahas i think that made no sense. but heck, it's damn cute! sadly, it's like 43 bucks or around there and i'm brokeeee :(

oh but it's like, the great singapore sale now, which really rocks cause i think i'll get myself a rabbit bag or some other bag as a present to myself :D been planning on getting a new sling bag for a longggg time. like one that's quite large. but not too large. like those zinc/ink gurney sack thingys. heh gurney sacks. but don't really like the one made of that cloth-y thing. probably will get one that's soft leather-y or something.

hahas. shopping high.

i love my suspenders. :D