Thursday, June 19, 2008

blah blah blah

pfft. i hate it when my sis comes by and starts an arguement when im skinning :(

now i sort of lost the momentum and i'm stuck. but what the heck. i got a new sling bag. its the rugsack back from zinc :D i think i'll bring it to shanghai at the end of the year.

oh and i went to get a passport size photo for my nric today (!!) and yeahs, the guy advised me to wear a polo tee so my mum and i wandered around bedok looking for a polo tee that i might one day wear again. so bought one, it's blue, and now i officially own one non school collared shirt. and the photo looks damn uglay. like my head was tilted (how was i supposed to know, it's not like i can see myself) and shoulders slanted and yeah. looks really weird. and my mum made me push a lot of my fringe back so now it just looks stupid :(

and i don't think i'll be wearing the polo tee anytime soon.

baby, time flies and we ain't getting a second try.
-skinning in progress-