Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i love post its!

hahas. im feeling very high now cause my mum just gave me this stack of post its! yay :D ok whatever, i'm weird like that. i have like *counts* 16 postits stuck to that "noticeboard" thingy in front of me.

hahas. anw i managed to send some stuff from my phone to silas via bluetooth so here are some really random pictures.

heh. ying's very abstract looking mirror. i think we were supposed to do uhh... chinese sia but then we ended up distracted. so i vaguely rmbr rolling over and taking a random picture o.O

oh and i found this when i was doing my SAC duty in week 10. i'm amazed i even found one at all, the club is so unbonded.

and that, is my mum carrying prince in a bag. he looks quite cute i guess. but he bites. like hell.

i fell asleep on the sofa this afternoon (when it was raining real heavily. heh. ying's tribal rain dance worked) and then was woken up when prince started charging at me. he like lept into the air and did the whole spin-twirl-flash claws-hiss thing. zzz. and even though he only has like one sharp tooth left (the rest broke off. hah!), it still hurts. blah.

and i'm so happy christy's here. i hope she stays the night :D been a longgg time since she slept in my room. the last time was before we got prince. heh. i shall bribe her with catfood :D

toodles :D