Friday, June 20, 2008

new skin!

this took me awhile. but not as long as i expected. anw this looks a little weird but what the heck. oh and i changed my blog counter :D

so cute :D

anw, this skin's basically inspired by westlife's us against the world. i think i will be making a skin on something right soon. see if i can find the time :X

You and I, we’ve been at it so long
I still got the strongest fire
You and I, we still know how to talk
Know how to walk that wire

Sometimes I feel like
The world is against me
The sound of your voice, baby
That's what saves me
When we're together
I feel so invincible

Cause it's us against the world
You and me against them all
If you listen to these words
Know that we are standing tall
I don't ever see the day that
I won't catch you when you fall
Cause it's us against the world tonight

go listen to the song, it's great.