Sunday, June 03, 2012

I heard you were a wild one

It was a crazy night yesterday, got home at 2am totally exhausted. I can't believe how good the event turned out; the decorations were amazing and the arena was totally transformed. The guests were also all dressed in theme and some costumes were just amazing. There were even people going around with the giant red indian feather headgear. Some dude was in a horse suit that sorta looked like this

except he was all dressed up too as a cowboy. The horse head was just flying around wildly when he was jumping about on the dance floor. Some dancing couple also tried to do a dip and it was so sweet; they seemed a bit drunk though hahas. Oh and there were so many awesome fake mustaches going around and the people actually looked good in them cause they were Caucasian! Lots of cool accents flying around the whole night too. And hot guys and super sexy women @@ They're so very different from Singaporeans.

Food was pretty disappointing cause I missed the beef sirloin (whyyyyyy!); goodwood park how can you call it a buffet and run out of beef! Oh wells, at least I didn't pay $230 for a ticket @@ The beer was surprisingly nice! Very smooth and we were drinking it most of the night because no one seemed to be serving water. Tried the champagne and white and red wines too, pretty meh~~ Nearing the end of the event things started to get messy and everyone was a little confused and frustrated. Silent auction bidding was rather disorganised with it not closing at the right time and people coming in to guilt trip/intimidate us into letting them continue bidding. I can't believe someone would just randomly bid $25000 for a painting too in the live auction ._.

Ahhh I still can't get over how much effort so many people put into their costumes, everyone was so supportive and all dressed up. I somehow regret not slacking a bit more that night (I didn't get to ride the mechanical bull!) but oh wells~~~ work is work. I was sort of expecting the night to be less busy but I don't recall having much free time :/ Prize room work was fun but not as exciting as being outside and getting to soak in the whole atmosphere. Spent some time carrying a chair up and down the stage too and other miscellaneous saikang zzz -.- Mmm random thought, the nachos with the meaty sauce thing was good ^^

Oh I brought home a whole bunch of helium cow-pattern balloons but they weren't flying anymore by this morning :(