Sunday, April 01, 2012

you say

Wow it's been half a month since I last posted; I don't remember it being that long ago. Anyway, just a quick update: I've started work at RDA doing admin. Not the best outcome but I guess I can't ask too much. And it was pretty awesome receiving my first paycheck on Friday ^^ On the university front, I applied to NUS for business and econs double degree, going to apply for the residential college too but too many things to juggle right now :( Scholarship interviews are so frightening. I've been having little urges to just stick with staying in Singapore. I mean, everyone will be happy. I think I will be too. I'd get to stay with the dogs and prince and make proper plans to renovate my room (shoe wall!). Get to go for trainings and play ultimate. Spend time with friends and continue my unjustified online shopping hahaha. Sigh, should I still put myself through the terrible experience of interviews and assessments? It's so easy to stick with familiar ground, it feels so safe and fuzzy. (btw I've also acquired a super cute pikachu that has the lovely texture of a soft fluffy towel ^^) But then I'd have no reason to continue all the knitting I plan to do, sucks that scarfs can't be worn in singapore :(

I guess the only reason why I'm still trying for scholarships is that I'm not that into the choices I applied to NUS for. And after watching "Darkest Hour" today, I kind of regret not choosing engineering. It looks so much more useful and practical; you actually can design and build something. And just in case the world gets invaded by strange life forms, I'll be able to build a high-tech weapon to save my ass. On Friday I heard that Danette is doing civil engineering so that she can help the less fortunate in other countries. That's so noble T^T I wish I had some sort of ambition like that but there's nothing I can think of that I want to do :( Other than vet med of course, but that's almost out of the equation already. I guess I'll just figure things out as they come along and see where life takes me.

I'm definitely looking forward to taiwan trip, it'd be a most awesome break ^^ Which reminds me I need to transfer someone payment for it hahaha oops. I'll do that once my paycheck deposits into my account, too broke right now :S