Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just another quick update; my bristol telephone interview today was really unexpected. The questions were really content heavy, i.e. muggable, if I'd only known they'd be that sort of questions. But from the glasgow interview I'd thought the questions would be more personal. Oh wells, I just need to get as much interview practice as I can right now. I'm still running on the leftover adrenaline from the interview so I can't make myself focus to work on the scholarship apps, will do that tomorrow. Sigh last minute rushing again :(

Yesterday was RDA's sidewalker training day and it was pretty cool to be on the other end of the rope this time. I got to find out what it'd feel like being the rider and it was honestly really eye-opening. Getting on Paint was a little scary, cause they used me as a demo on how to mount riders with cerebal palsy and I was amazed at how brave the kids must be to do this. The saddle is about as high as I am tall, and me having barely ever ridden before, was a total wuss hahahaha. It's quite ironic really, I want to study vet med but I'm nervous on a horse. In the end, it was totally awesome to be riding, however foreign the feeling was. Too bad it wasn't for very long. To let the other volunteers practice their sidewalking I did some of the activities as a rider too and it really is harder than it looks; I was so worried about falling off hahaha. And dismounting was pretty scary too, I'm not exactly the most flexible person around (and my pants were so non-stretchy that day how was I to know!) so I got stuck mid-dismount for a few seconds where I couldn't get my leg over Paint's butt hahaha.

The sad thing is, I need to find work soon. I've been bumming around too much, using the days spent volunteering as an excuse to not work since the kind of jobs I'm interested in rarely hire temp part timers. If I'd taken up Gongcha's offer I would have been working for almost two weeks now *facepalm* But this sucks big time though since I really want to continue sidewalking for another term T^T The kids are such an inspiration to work with.

Other things aside, baking brownies has thought me a lesson on life. It's impossible to satisfy everyone! Seriously! The recipe for my most recent batch is my favourite so far, but everyone else seems to not like it, but for totally conflicting reasons. I need to make new friends who have the same taste in brownies as me, because I've probably eaten half the tray today, which is about 4.5' x 9' = 40.5 inches square = 261.3cm^2 of brownies. That can't be good for me D:

And that's it, I'm sure a lot of other stuff has happened but my memory is starting to fail me :(