Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hello world! I'm back from taiwan and having major problems re-acclimating to the weather in Singapore; why is it so hot!!! The trip was awesome, more about it soon once yanping/dawn/qianwen/chunhui upload the photos + videos onto facebook so I can borrow some to adequately monologue about how amazing everything was ^^ After my 6 days of attempting to speak passable Chinese I think my brain needs to be re-calibrated for English. I must say my Chinese is quite... functional, my roomies seemed pretty amused when I called hotel reception to ask if it was safe to sing Karaoke at midnight. (and whether random drunk people would invade our room) (that was a reasonable concern kay!) (btw we didn't go in the end cause we were feeling too lazy and the dramas on TV were rather nice)

I have no idea how I managed to spend NT$10,000+ but my favourite buy was my pikachu 皮卡秋 (I'm going to speak to him in Chinese!) for NT$500. The first time I saw him I put him back because he was so ex, but gave in and came back on our last day there to get him. So what if I have one already, they can keep each other company now! ^^ And I also got lots of socks for my dogs, theyre really cute heehee. I got a bumblebee outfit for them too but the M size was too small T^T Hopefully they'll lose weight! The doggy clothing in taiwan were so cute!

Oh and dinner today was exciting! We went to Two Fat Men at East Coast Road to use groupons my mummy bought. The food was not bad and nearing the end a fat lizard fell from the sky and landed on our table. My sister screamed and almost toppled the table then we all proceeded to search for it and freaked out and ran off from the table hahahaha. Okay that was random. Back to packing!

Oh yeah, I realised I never really posted about it... Wicked was awesome ozsome! Seats were pretty far from the stage but I loved the songs and costumes and backdrops and all that.

Anyway, I should get back to packing my room since I only unpacked my luggage when I got back this morning, which basically means I transferred everything from my luggage to the floor heehee.