Monday, January 02, 2012

a brave new year

it's 2012, wow. ok so it's been 2012 for awhile already. my last few hours of 2011 were pretty miserable, sitting alone in my uncle's front yard hoping to hang on to my fickle 3G signal. but i guess it was a rather apt ending for a very trying year. we hit 0000 in the car on the way back, and it was all together quite depressing.

i was feeling very... disappointed and somewhere inside i felt like shedding some of last year's baggage. so on an impulse i asked my sis to help me cut bangs and so by the first hour of the new year my fringe resembled a mushroom cap. think sec 1 bangs and yeps, it still doesnt look any better but luckily the regretting part hasn't set in yet. in fact, i feel pretty good. 2012 will be a year of doing things i've always thought of doing but never did. it will be a doing year !

(btw the really awesome plate of salmon and eggs was my brunch when i went to black coffee with yingzincjen on 31st, it was really really really beyond amazing. dinner was potluck at uncle's and i binged on countless bbq-ed black pepper chicken wings after all the regular potluck-y foods couldn't satisfy my carnivorous needs hahas)

so today we tried to make love letters in the very messy diy style. it was a bad idea hahas. i spent most of the time eating whatever came out of the metal tongs, which was mostly undercooked/overcooked batter. in the end my auntie took the leftover batter to make "pancakes". they actually tasted alright, and were quite good with prata curry nomnom. we had only one semi successful love letter, but i dropped it on the floor (oops) when i accidentally touched one of the metal tongs straight off the charcoal pit. and yeah, reflex actions and all, i let go of everything and squawked.

in the end i bbq-ed dinner (this is probably the first dinner where everything that was homecooked was prepared by me heh heh heh) and i have no idea why my charcoal looks purple in the picture. rest assured i did not use sinister-looking purple charcoal hahas.

and i've been browsing job vacancies using those funky online job databases and all the admin jobs are a really big turnoff. i mean they're probably more useful for my future, since i get some insider experience in corporate/business-y jobs but... really. i'm 18, i want to do something fun and dynamic and exciting and spontaneous. i guess there are probably some healthcare jobs, but i'm not going to take up medicine and i don't think i'll be studying life science in uni so... it sounds more interesting but i don't know if it's the right choice to apply for. i saw a rather interesting business-y vacancy, but this one sounds a little more scary than what i'm ready for. i just want to be able to work from home at my own pace and my own time with cup noodles to snack on at 3am in the morning :( or instant lasagna hahas, it's actually not bad (even though it resembles a block of frozen yellow and red playdoh)

this week i'll be going to the airport on 3 consecutive days to send ppl off so i foresee my subsequent days being pretty uneventful. which means some hermit time to read fanfic and blogskin but... i need to do something! going back to those days where i isolated myself from reality is... not good.

and i've forgotten what i wanted to say after my com overheated and died on me so okay, i'm just going to post this now. btw, if you haven't seen this and you're a harry potter junky, please do so immediately. like nowwwwww~

it makes me sniffle. i grew up reading harry potter and fanfiction. it's shaped the way i see the world entirely. i've learnt... a lot from it. strange right? i still remember once i was reading book 2 at the nanyang bus stop, and someone walked by muttering, "secondary school already, still reading harry potter tsk." i've graduated from jc, and i'm still reading HP fanfiction hahas. some things will never change. maybe i'll even write fanfic this year :O