Thursday, January 05, 2012

and there were bunnies

today was a spring cleaning day ! yes, i actually did some cleaning, since technically running a super strong vacuum cleaner over everything does make everything look less dirty. it's weird though, looking at all the bits and pieces i've accumulated over the years. it feels too... cold to throw them all away, but they're honestly too useless to keep. i'm just going to continue hoarding :)

and my dream catcher finally broke, but i've had it since P6 so no surprise there. and i realised that a lot of my blog posts are going to be wrongly dated, since i post before i sleep and i usually sleep past midnight :/ it feels weird not having school and being able to wake up at noon/1pm/3pm. but then again it's nice to be woken up by a bored dog once in awhile n.n

the previous day... tuesday? i went shopping with zinc and jen and i went on a very thorough hunt for a nice huggable cream knit cardigan. i saw one i rather liked but because $$ is an issue, i put it down only to regret it a lot. i ended up dragging lc back to ion after dinner on the lucky chance that it was still there and it was, yay! n.n lol shallow moment hahas.

oh i sorted through my shoe cabinet today and decided that it's time to put my foot down (pun intended) and stop buying so many shoes. or at least only buy those that i'm sure i really really cannot live without :S but i'm going to make it a point to wear my heels out more often since there's no school now (i still can't get over that; it feels as if it's still december holidays!) and i'm unemployed lol.

oh and if you're wondering why i suddenly post so many random photos, it's cause i've been bored and recently came to temporarily possess an unneeded camera (ie my sister's, who conveniently actually has school and impending O levels heh heh). so yeps, i'm happily documenting my days of bumming around.

do expect more photos of the dogs though, and maybe prince too if i can catch him, because i've been feeling the urge to stalk my dogs n.n goodnight!