Tuesday, November 29, 2011

called to the horns

i am very very worried for friday; if they decide to ask all sorts of technical questions i am going to be utterly stumped. i have so much to revise for it; wonder whether it would be smarter to start preparing for it now or to straighten out my bio for thursday's paper first and figure out the interview stuff later.

and my attempt to understand wikipedia's quantum mechanics page was just... sad. i was trying to comprehend the Schrödinger's cat experiment but my brain was blown to bits.

oh and yes, ONE MORE PAPER LEFT ;D


eeps. there's still the A levels, if my delicate disposition even survives that long. i think when A's come i will undergo a complete shutdown and run off into some corner of my head to play chess with myself. or, i could have turned into a rather messy pile of human innards.

i just realised that i haven't played chess with silas (my com, if you're confused) in really really long. and i'm glad that i've yet to implode and i'm happy to say that i probably won't. my delicate disposition seems to have manned-up from increased exposure to testosterone and mind boggling exams. and econs. oh econs, the pains i went through just for you.

oh and yes, zinc and i were talking about the existence souls on the bus ride home today (lol our discussion was very philosophical) and i got reminded of noetic science from 'The Lost Symbol'. but thats irrelevant, cause in the end we concluded that we'd find out when we find out, which hopefully wont be soon.

i'm not sure what the point of typing that out was, but it's useful in case a couple of years down the road i start wondering what i did/talked/thought about back then. which is actually something i do once in awhile, like today evidently.

anyway, i shall go back to feeling very demoralised by all these uk students who have so much work experience that is so varied that i wonder if i even stand a teeny tiny chance. but what am i supposed to do since singapore has no lamb farms! nor cow farms! and too few stables! oh wells, i will find out when i find out. here's to hoping tomorrow will be a productive day, toodles.