Wednesday, September 07, 2011

turn back the countdown

omg joey i can't stop watching the project glee glee project (lol too much project odd) vids , hahas now i know why you're so crazy over it. that one is somehow my favourite, i can't get over the awesome old school denim and big hair thing. and samuel's look reminds me a lotttttt of mj ^^ oh and i still want to try your cakes :(

anyway, i FINALLY finished my first draft. i think i've been too easy on myself and letting myself drag it out so that i can avoid doing any real studying. now that it's sort of done, i need to start studying omg no time left. somehow, i seem to have achieved nothing from spending so many hours in the reading room before the holidays. why why why what was i doing... ukcat? and what else!

oh wells, time to get cracking! and i feel like ive just taken a life-changing step; but i really really hope everything falls into place in the end. i hope one day i get to work with elephants. and dolphins. and whaleesssss hahas okay now im getting carried away. but i want i want; pleaseeeeeee?