Sunday, September 04, 2011

so the holidays are here, which ironically means its time to start studying really hard. sighhhhhhhhhhh~ i hate certain cycles that wont stick to the months too, just saying :(

and blogger's new interface looks so much more professional, though it really reminds me of a google doc page; creepy~ and obviously i'm procrastinating because the throbbing in my uterus is really distracting :/

no matter, i will be disciplined and do work after dinner! right :/ i think i shouldn't have ate so much ice cream at SOA, but how was i to know it was coming.

anyway, just to help me organise my thoughts... i shall do a revision plan. after dinner. food is just as good for cramping uteri as fat fluffy dogs n.n

and this was a really really random post, but oh wells i havent managed to maintain a single train of thought for very long today.

and oh yeah, i forgot to take a pic of the keep calm and carry on book we gave daryl :( my wrapping seems to have improved cause ying thought i didn't do it myself n.n and the juniors gave us really awesome gifts, but my sis says the sketch they did made me look like an octopus -.- or an orangutan :/ actually i don't remember, just that it wasn't a very nice thing to look like lolllll~

okay dinner time; ta ta~