Saturday, July 02, 2011

make me a rainbow

the week that just went pass was absolutely crazy; test after test after test and so much last minute panicking and staying up to study after procrastinating too much together with only 3 measly hours of sleep a day for 4 nights. no wonder i got cranky. urgh, and there's still 4 more papers dammit.

but yesterday was good, after the chemistry paper ying, jen and i went to jen's house to make crepes and they were super awesome. made one each with ice cream then shared one super amazing mushroom crepe with scrambled eggs and tomatoes and lots of cheeeeeeeeese (L) it was total omnomnom bliss n.n

awesome, yeah? ;)

omg and i had some pretty amazing bubbletea today :O but their only branch is so far away, what to do :(