Sunday, July 03, 2011

i have attained equilibrium

mm today was a mucho zen day, woke up and spent time gazing sleepily serenely at the fish pond and splashing water to scare all the koi away. feeding them was disturbing, they look so much like old men with their mouth wide open @@

oh and who knew bug zapping was so destressing; there's something that satisfies my inner sadist when i see the continuous flashes of light and hear the loud twanging sound every time a whole bunch of mosquitoes get fried. there was seriously this burnt smell in the air afterwards. bzwanggggggg; revenge mwahaha n.n

oh and i've happily volunteered to be my auntie's new (and only) guinea pig for her to practice her new found skills; ahhh~~ (she's learning aromatherapy btw, i'm glad her computer course is over cause that was a hard one to help her with @@)

okay i'm off to zen; today i am omnomnomagon no more, i am ommmmmmmmmm~~~~

and i think i shouldn't have eaten half a tub of b&j just now, i really am too... squishy. but it was too good not to, and i got to eat from the tub n.n

i feel like reading fanfic, it's been too long since i last swooned and raved over my favourite potions master :O