Thursday, June 16, 2011

once, twice or thrice

wao, today was eventful; and since i figured i'd have to email zinc photos of tuition hw, i finally connected my phone and there will actually be photos this post! :O (but i'm still too lazy to update my phone's ipod playlist ._.)

i overslept >5 phone alarms, 2 wakeup calls and 2 semi-conscious conversations with my auntie and rushed out of the house thinking i'd be late. didn't mail PROJECT-ODD parcels (oops) and ended up a little late but very early (compared to the rest, ahem) and wandered around NEX with yp and dom until people arrived and eventually we had lunch at mad jack and the timing was super good we sat carol down and then sang the happybdaysong with the cake nicely lit up and ready. omnomnom-ed and spammed coloured instax omg so pretty n.n

and lookie, a photo of a photo of a photo! hahas dawn's "ahh so awkward~!"

then hopped down to somerset and met 鸡蛋 and then spent some time being shutter happy and other stuff :D

dinner was super dupa early with the best friends ying zinc joey jen at tcc with ice cream as dessert from cold stone (oreo overload is amazinggg~~) and ying and zinc harmonized a bday song for me (:O) hahas thanks guys for the great night and oreo cake! (L) so glad to finally see zinc and joey, last saw them before they all flew off and came back with lovely souvenirs/presents teehee. it was nice even though jen called me a lousy blow-er :( it was a very defiant candle meh, and even with all the rainbow runs we've been doing during training i think 18 candles are still too much for me; it's a sign i'm not ready to be an adult :S

oh yes omg joey the pikachu is damn cute and makes super cute sounds (pi. pi. pi. ka. chu. pi-ka-chu! omgggggg *pokes repeatedly in awe*) ahhh it's so cute i need to record it so that i can make it my sms alert tone, the stupid iphone one is annoying cause 99.9% of the people on the mrt use it and when it beeps i have no idea if it's my phone or not -.-

and i must go test out the pacman mug zinc and ying got me, i can make the hot chocolate thingy they gave us for bike hike n.n (i guess it should work even though it's not coffee/tea since ying tried it out with hot water and it worked).

wheee okay i'm in a nice happy state now *zens* (oo hopefully joey can get that berkeley disc :O)

and oh, zinc found her tuition hw :/ now for me to conveniently forget about mine n.n

and omg my right wrist feels sore, how to trainnnnnn T.T