Saturday, June 11, 2011

even if the world ends

today was a couch potato day; lazed about in front of the tv from about 2.30pm to 10pm with the exception of showering time and the long arduous journey up the stairs to my room. aching too much and impossibly tired from the consecutive friendlies. urgh just thinking of the RJ team A game makes me want to shrivel up and die, just spent the whole time getting burned T.T wasn't much better today for the NP game, omg my fumbles and screwups @@ i had a complete mental block today, couldnt handle at all under pressure/in a zone ahhh i'm disappointed with myself ]<

rarh, i think i shall continue bumming about on the floor since i can't get internet from my table and 老牛吃嫩草 was quite good for a singaporean(?) production and appleseed is just weirdddddd even though the closet romantic in me kept going awwww and *sniff sniff* at all the sweet parts. omg some scenes in 老牛吃嫩草 reminded me of times that were less stressful and much more carefree. i miss being j1 :(

i officially only have 2 weeks left of being 17 D:


oh oh oh and omg i can't stop staring at my instax in amazement @@ teehee, i guess a mini50s/pianoblack makes quite a good 18th birthday present to myself, rarh can't wait to start using it fulltime and then i can really get to plastering my wall with random shots and have them rain down on me on super windy nights. ooo and i've got big plans for my wall, hopefully the wall decals i ordered will arrive soon in a nice little tube and my wall wont look so empty and the random things i scrawl on it will stop freaking out my auntie/mum. wheeeee~ so much empty canvas to work with n.n man, now i really wish i had signed up for that graffiti workshop with jo :( blank empty walls... oh wells at least they're not yellow. and this is so random and my tail bone hurts from sitting on the floor. aches~