Sunday, April 17, 2011

if all i'm dreaming

wheee this has been quite a good week and i am vaguely high even though i should be going to sleep. but oh wells, just to update this space...

"i think i wanna marry youuu~~~"


and omg i'm so happy i got new cleats, my old battle-scarred pair should have been retired a long long time ago. i'm rather looking forward to this coming week; fun with the special friend and best friends, a nice rest day on friday and possible teengames on saturday. now, if only my fringe would just grow about 1000000000 times faster and all would be dandy.

and please visit to buy stuff and help us raise funds for club rainbow! we're still quite far from our targeted amount but i think we can do it! yes yes yessssss~ please buy to donate yepyeps~

and i'm craving apple strudel right now still ]: