Sunday, November 21, 2010

today was a day for dust and disaster

"If any film doesn’t need a gimmick, it’s these ones, and that’s for me what 3D is. For me, 3D adds nothing to the story. “Avatar”, sure, it looked amazing, but not more amazing than “Inception”, and I thought about “Inception” for so much longer because it was a better film, because it was a more interesting film. And I don’t think that technology is a substitute for story, which I think is how 3D can sometimes be used."

- Daniel Radcliffe

i wish i could say something smart but honestly, ive never watched a 3D movie nor inception. which really sucks. like really D:

and gosh, i threw out so much thrash today and my room still looks a mess. what am i supposed to do with all the brand new TYS that ny made us buy?! and i found my kindergarten stuff, gosh i was so cute hahahaha. and my maid very tactlessly wondered, "what happened to your eyes, they were so big last time!".

meh. and something has been gnawing on my crayons ]:

anyway this post is kinda random, i just didn't want to have that depressing post right on top :/