Wednesday, March 03, 2010

we are all very brilliant sheep

i stared at the 2:22AM on my com for a very long time; or at least until it turned to 2:23. either way, it seems i've just broken another benchmark for staying up to indecent hours to sort of rush out homework.

i always end up spending money when i stay up late. and yes it's possible to buy things at 2:22AM. ah the wonders of the internet.

and joey has alerted me to the possibility that my poor econs understanding may be the reason why i have such horrid money management. or it could also be the reason why i have yet to finish my econs hbl. bah, econs and i will not be good friends.

and i should stop eating so much sweets in the middle of the night. it's bad for my teeth and adipose tissues. if someone were to grow electricity generating organs in me and used my fats as an energy source, i could probably power a city for two minutes too.

or maybe not.

i want to eat the warheads D; (must resist; for angel! oh haven't written letter too gah)

for the record, i love love! i'm still high from the fanfic i read today; hermione and severus are just so amazing together. reading made me very happy then very sad then very happy again. sounds like a mood swing, but without the pms and crazy hormones.

and i probably collected very bad karma today. sigh.

oh and oreos + snow ice = love :D