Tuesday, March 02, 2010

slow down tell me why you're running

i realise that i cry easily.
i cry when i'm happy, when i'm sad, when i'm angry, when i'm upset, when i'm confused, and when i start i just can't stop. i'm like a bottomless bucket of tears.
it's kind of embarrassing.

but today i cried because i realised that love really does exist; not just in movies, but for real, and to regular people just like you and me.
Last year, my boyfriend lost his battle with cancer.

It's been very hard since. But this year on Valentine's Day, I received a package in the mail with a beautiful necklace and a note that said - "I wasn't ready to say goodbye just yet."

Even though his life has ended, his love has not. His LGMH.
A while ago I saw a middle-aged couple walking together holding hands and smiling.

They looked so completely in love and proud of it that I still remember it clearly to this day. They were walking in the city with a few dozen people near them and a street full of cars.

They were both men.

I have never believed in true love as much as I did then.
Today I had to take off my wig and explain to the guy I am seeing that I can not go with him on a date next Friday since I have chemotherapy, thereby revealing that I have cancer.

We still have a date. At the hospital.

This man GMH.
it's amazing. it makes me feel so small in the grand scheme of things. it's a wonderful feeling. i'm just one life in billions. i can screw it up but the world is still beautiful somewhere else.

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