Sunday, March 28, 2010

if life were an adventure novel i'd like to be the ninja pirate

stj today (actually yesterday considering the time) :D food was super awesome - baked rice (L), spaghetti, chicken in gravy (L), chicken wings/drumlets, mini pizzas, potato salad (L), chocolate mousse (L). amazing. not sure how seniors managed to afford it but omg it was good and totally worth the eternal mental scarring of seeing the guys play twister.

i'm hungry again 0.0 damn. it seems like all i look forward to in life is food. good thing it's a necessity or i might guilt trip myself into thinking that having double servings are a sin. and i eat more than a guy, which is quite awesome especially after frisbee on friday. it is no fun having to discover the full extent of female physical inferiority when you're dying on extra muddy grass.