Tuesday, September 22, 2009

happy birthday mummy !!

had chili crab for dinner today :D no mantous, but still awesome. then the cake was... funny. the candles were nearly completely gone by the time the cake was cut. but other than that, quite good. mmm :D

oh but on a side note, when i was looking for a lighter to light the candles, i found this pair of really awesome metal chopsticks with cool engravings. i then tried to cast spells at vicky, but after numerous failed stupefys and wingardium leviosas (and one random tarantallegra; why must the spell names be so long ._.) i got kinda demoralised. then my sis called me childish and just to spite her, i tried a levicorpus on vicky and being the awesome dog she is, vicky rolled over and stuck her foot in the air! ( and she looked so kyuteeeeeeeeeee (L) )

and most importantly, i no longer doubt the authenticity of mlias :]