Tuesday, July 07, 2009

i forgot what i wanted to say

BAH I CAN'T GET INTERNET IN MY ROOM. anyway, i'm helping zinc promote her choir concert :D as quoted from sistic, ...

World's Harmonies
By Nanyang Girls’ High Choir

29 July 2009, wednesday 7.30pm @ esplanade concert hall

Across the Scandinavian fields, over the plains of Eastern Europe, through Japanese villages and into the quirky world of modern America, embark on a musical journey around the world and listen to an eclectic mix of songs from around the world with the Nanyang High Choir.

The repertoire includes The Syncopated Clock, The Waltzing Cat and The Typewriter by Leroy Anderson, Itsuki no Lullaby by Ko Matsushita, Spring by Lojze Lebic, Jaakobin Pojat by Pekka Kostiainen and selections from Disney.

do support the nanyang choir by attending their concert. tickets are priced at $20 each at sistic. order now ;)