Monday, June 09, 2008


sigh. in a foolish attempt to comprehend the nightmare they call trigonometry, i have given myself a splitting headache. and learnt nothing in the process of doing so.

and after going through... 5 pages (i'm amazed i made it that far), i think it's time to give up :D

i think i shall go and hunt for another fanfic, preferably one that doesnt cheat my feelings after 100 000+ words.

i mean... severus and harry never got together! like what the heck. that just plain sucks and the main point of the story was so stupid. i mean, harry loved voldermort to death. like seriously. loved him enough that he could kill him. which is just... such a stupid dumbledore-y kind of thing. blah.

i hope chewing gum isn't addictive.