Wednesday, June 11, 2008

neopets is freaky

for some unfathomable reason, i decided to try to get into my neopets account today. and after some fiddling here and there, i finally got the password right. and neopets has changed like so much. and i feel like such a noob lols. zzz. man... my account was created in like march 28 2002. thats like SIX YEARS ago. like *gasp*

if i had played like some obscenely obsessed person, i wonder what my account would be like. but then again, i'm quite glad i stopped :X not that i have anything against neopets, just that i've played quite a number of games since then. runescape (which i forgot my password), powerpets (which i forgot both user and password -.-), maple (which is way too freaky now too), and audi... and i wonder what else.

let's see. hmms. 2002 would be p3... so that was neopets. then p4... i started runescape, or maybe it was later. p5 started maple? i think so. maple and maybe powerpets for a short while... after that quit maple in sec 1. started reading fanfic :D like at the end of the year. and then... sec 2 started audi. and now... blogskinning. hahaha.

dum dee dum dee dum. i think i'll stick to blogskinning and fanfic reading for now :D