Monday, June 16, 2008

*laughs* *chokes* *dies*

:D i love fanfiction. it's the best thing in the world! whoo~ hahas.

and i think i just swallowed a spider.

o.O yeahs. i opened this compartment in my shelf that my sis has dubbed "the smelly one" and found a spider web. to be precise, it was on my softball glove, attached to the ball that's still in the glove. which is just gross. i think i'll never stick my hand in that glove again. i mean, it's been left in an enclosed cupboard for more than a year. i'm quite sure things would have started growing in it :X

bleah. on the other hand, bs outing tomorrow! hahas. and omg it so late and again i havent bathed. but this fanfiction is good. harry and severus are hiding out on a SHEEP farm. mwahahaha. and recently on avatar, i think it's chapter 9, there were SHEEP as well. it's the chapter where anng goes mad and has hallucinations of momo and appa having a samurai showdown. hahas. avatar is the loveee. :D

zukko is hot :P but severus is still hotter. i wonder what zukko's surname is. i don't think the avatar characters have full names. *shrug* but i wanna be a water bender :( fire sounds interesting but nahs. earth... nah. air... maybe. heh.

and my sis has decided to grace me with her presence -.- (sarcasm somehow just doesnt work on the com) sigh. she's started on her rant on her bang bang tang. oh wait. she decides to correct that it's xiao jie -.- like that means anything to me.

right, toodles.