Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bs outing!

bs outing was really fun today. well in a weird way it was. hahas. when i first got to bedok mrt right, didn't know where they were so i wandered around like the gundu i am until i found this group of ppl sitting at the side. so i like stared. and laughed. and stared somemore. and i think there was more laughing. -.- but yeahs in the end took 196 to east coast and we didnt know where to alight but by some stroke of luck, we got off and found ourselves at the underpass which eventually led to the bbq pit (with some walking of course).

to be honest, i have to agree with sylvia. everyone was very different from how i expected them to be. like seriously different but what the heck. bs outing was cool :D

and i'm most definitely female. or at least i think so :X

ah i wish the avatar chapter would load so i can watch it.

"relax, firebending is not to be feared. but if you don't respect it, IT'LL CHEW YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUT LIKE AN ANGRY KOMODO RHINO!"

hahahaha. zukko rocks :D