Tuesday, May 20, 2008


ok so i'm being rather emo. so much work. chinese du shu bao gao. maths ames. and still a little upset over not getting sotd. normally, i wudn't have minded so much, but i guess i got my hopes up from all the comments. but sigh. apparently 48 favs and 50 rates and 200+ dls isn't enuf :(

man i sound pathetic. but i don't think i'll ever make a skin as good as that one. zzz. damn. i need to snap out of this. like hey, better luck next time.

tra la las. i shall talk about sabbats. for humour we watched scary movie 3. it's especially funny cause i recently watched the movie the ring, which is what the scary movie thing was spoofing about.

ok that made no sense. heck. dance was weird. we did locking and lyrical hip hop today. heh heh. sal missed out on the lyrical hh part cause she had to leave early. hahahas. :D

oh and we have homework. damn. something on what we've learnt... ok learnt. uh... there are many styles to hip hop. uh. basic movements are actually very impt cause you can like combine them to make complicated stuff. uhhh. oh hell i'll crap sth later.

and the rest of the stuff is what i liked, didn't like and improvements... gahs. reflections -.-

oh wells. cheers.