Wednesday, May 21, 2008

right left right

AHHH. can't get the juggling thing right. and tomorrow must do some sort of performance! ahhhh~! -.- ok screw that. the humour sabbat was rather fun today, since the whole time was spent learning to juggle. RIGHT LEFT RIGHT. zzz. doesn't work. the socks just dont wanna be juggled. and u know what, filling the socks with rice to make "juggling balls" is such a waste of rice. and my sis insists that the socks stink.

i bit my tongue. and it hurts :( bleargh. i think i'm gonna change my skin soon. SHALL MAKE SOMETHING! heh heh.

dance is... hard. popping was rather fun today, but i can't seem to remember the moves. actually, i changed my mine about my favourite genre. i think i prefer the "aggressive" hip hop(as the instructor calls it, he still hasnt told us his name). at first lyrical hip hop felt quite nice, but then realised it's not really my thing. oh but i cant do locking for shit. its like fun, but i just cant coordinate my arms and legs. i end looking like some mad flailing thing. bleah. but popping is quite cool, though i think my arms are going into random spasms cause of it.

sicko was actually quite a nice movie. it's really sad... the kid died cause the hospital refused to provide treatment... all cause of some insurance company insisting that the kid be transferred to a hospital under that company or something. but it's a complicated world. some things just work that way.

heh heh. i have some ideas for a skin for alicia's bold and beautiful competition. but i don't think i'll actually get to completing one of them. *shrug*


urgh homework calls. (and i shall hang up on it.)

zz. it's a little cold suddenly.