Friday, May 30, 2008

ostrich philosophy

AHHH. homework overload. so much work to do. oh shit oh shit oh shit. heh. and i spent my entire day today skinning, like what the heck. sigh. the homework i'm dreading the most is ih, the healthcare assignment and the literature review. like omgosh. it's going to be freakin hard to write. then all the crazy reports as well.


hmms i can't remember what i wanted to say... oh the jalan something road sign toppled over.

but that wasn't what i wanted to say either. zzz. what the heck. i'm gonna go stick my head in a sheep and never come out. ostrich philosophy :D

if i can't see my homework, my homework can't see me.

misery loves company, and he's been lookin' for me.
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heys. i'm from infocomm club :D