Thursday, May 29, 2008


can you imagine sitting in like starbucks and then two elephants come charging in? hahas. that's what happened somewhere, thailand i think. the elephant ran out of a children's parade and crashed through the glass walls and doors of the shop. heh heh.

and i don't get why my dogs seem to enjoy depositing excretory products at certain spots. like kimmy will walk to this spot, pee, then angel will walk over, pee over that, and then cookie comes along and pees as well. that's just so weird it's disturbing.

and my dogs seem to enjoy eating flowers o.O

oh wells. i think my imeem playlist thing laggs a lot. but what the heck. i finished my chinese book report :D mwahaha. its like 600 words after some cutting. it was like 800 at first but this is supposed to be like, the simple one with 200 words or so. blahs.

egads. i have a lot of work lined up to do once i'm done with ames. and that just sucks.

and i've killed 9 mosquitos today :X