Wednesday, May 14, 2008

oh man that smells

urgh. i look forward to the day they invent kitty litter with air freshening capabilities.

zzz. the cat has gone mad. utterly definitely mad. its like springing about. and uh. doing weird things in my shelf :X

and now i realise how glad i am that christy is like, toilet-trained :X aka she does her business in the wild :D

weird springy cat. i think we're gonna name it stitch, but then we can't figure out it's gender. hence the usage of "it". other options are like scoops and pepper. can't think up any names.

oh and i realised something.


HAHAHAHA. ok sorry pudding, but yes you do. i suppose you should uh... eat less? bleah. forget i suggested that.

tra la la. i forgot what i was gonna type. oh wells, until another time.

[ tag responses

@wan: ummms. you can't really teach someone to skin. it's best you go read a tutorial somewhere. :X

@JEROME: uh. do i know you? and what coke? don't drink coke, it corrodes your teeth! (and will probably turn it brown)

@shimeng: thanks for the tag :D hmms. chocolate or sweets. i don't know. maybe? hahas.