Thursday, May 15, 2008

honk honk

guh? zzz. i think csp is tiring. and apparently, i was the only one who went today. so there were like trolleys of books. but i only did shelving three times in total, which aint too bad. for the third time i just helped the librarian, so was much faster than when i was wondering around the library looking all stoned.

i hate shelving computer books.

they're bigger than my head.

and heavier too.
[air doesn't weigh much]

gurh. chem homework to do, should get started but don't really feel like. my cat's digging about on my bed :X hope she doesnt poop. still havent named her, but at least i think she's a she now, but i'm not too sure.

oh on my way to csp today, i saw this tree that was... gross. it looked like it was molting or something x_x with weird black stuff all over the trunk and branches. so freaky.

anw, homework awaits, but i wanna skin. shall see what i end up doing next. maybe i'll play audi.

A million words won't bring them back. I know, we've tried. A million tears won't bring them back. I know, we've cried.