Thursday, April 17, 2008

tell no one

heehee. did csp today so went to the library AND GOT ANOTHER HARLAN COBEN BOOK! heehee. the author rocks. and the book's called tell no one and right now, the story sounds pretty interesting. problem is, I HAVE TO DO IH ESSAY.

but what on earth can i write. like... waaaa. i hate ih. it's like... so hard. don't understand it at all. sigh. anw, csp was the same as usual, spent the whole time shelving books. and why on earth are IT related books so THICK? bleahhh. can't they make it thinner? and paperback? bleah. but i saw a few cool books on photoshop and xtml. i think i'll read one of those one day. sigh.

don't show me paradise and then burn it down.