Friday, April 18, 2008

number ninety-one

hahas. post #91. can't believe that after two years, i only have so few posts. then again... my blog died so often so no surprise there.

anw, I FOUND THIS REALLY COOL THING and hence, photoshop is gonna become my new best friend! WAHAHAHAH. :D but right now, shan't tell you what.

wait and see :D

AND YING YOU HAVE MY BOOK!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! you big meanozoid. blahs.

uh right.


but uhhh. the colours might be srewed up cause so many ccas have made jackets already and like all the nice/passable colour combis are taken. at the moment... we're thinking purple. or green. or something. and orange and blue is not mad ok!

tra la la. vaguely happy now :D so i guess i shall... bathe? hahas. toodles.

No one is afraid of heights; they're afraid of the fall. No one is afraid to play; they're afraid to lose. No one is afraid of the dark; they're afraid of what's in it. No one is afraid to say 'I love you'; they're afraid of the response.