Friday, April 04, 2008

maplestory... for teachers?!

HAHAHAHAH. can't believe what i saw today when going for cca. me jess and jo right, we passed com lab 3, and they were having this cyberwellness training for teachers and THEY WERE BEING TAUGHT HOW TO PLAY MAPLE.


hahas. they were at the character creation page and some ny tr, don't know name, was like teaching. zzz.



can't image.... it's not that theres anything wrong with it, but it's just so hard to imagine that i've gone a little wonky. heehee. i wonder if they'll learn how to play audi x_x

ohh the term 2 sabbats sound quite cool. too bad joey is gonna be missing them *sniggers sadistically* heehee.

oh i finally got to read fanfic yesterday. but it was so... retarded. like harry sort of ran away, went to france, met this guy, started learning martial arts, went to tibet, and sort of trained in a monastry. it's so... un harry potterish. but oh well. it was amusing.

i think my nyaa is doomed. i need to do reflections man. like um... let's see. yesterday i did some labelling of boxes thing. like they were sending books out to some school for some outreach program. then they were pasting a new label over the boxes because they printed a name wrongly i think. zzz. what a waste of paper. like gahs. and they print so many copies. THE POOR TREES.

and then basically did shelving of books. so frustrated. cause like. so many books out of place. but oh wells. zzz. damn. i can't rmbr what i did for the other times. my nyaa reflections... WAAAAAA. oh wait. first time i did shelving... and shelf reading. second time i just sat there cut some stuff, stick some stuff, pack and count stuff. bleah. i need to do reflections.

and cca today was... bad. we're learning how to use alice, which is so MADDDDD. like. weird and strange. cause everything is like drag and drop. i seriously dislike the interface. bleeeeahhhh. but it can do quite cool stuff, so i guess it's worth learning. but IT DOESN'T HAVE SHEEP. like they have some standard "objects" and they have cows, horses, hamsters (it was spelt hampster) and some weird things. they even had a joey. but ohhh. they forgot about sheep -.-

tra la la. i hate it when cca has homework. i need to go download the alice program. bleeahhs.

and this was supposed to be a short post. gahs.

i wonder if the hamsters will survive the weekend.

jiayou ying and your maternal instinct! ;D