Tuesday, November 27, 2012

hunting for rainbows

So... My first final exam is in 7 hours time and here I am un-asleep and unprepared. This is what happens when shit happens and you can't dig yourself out of that pit of vipers. I just want to curl up in bed and read lots of books with a fat cat on my lap.

Today was supposed to be a cramming day, but it ended up being one of waddling around like a giant Pao with legs followed by a pretty satisfying frisbee pickup. And not to forget a 21st's birthday celebration for my OG mate and just lots of pure random-ness coming out of a future-teacher-to-be (the things she'll do to her students... I pity them hahahas). Somewhere in all that, I've acquired a bruise on my calf and half a dozen cupcakes. Yum.

Time to skim some lecture slides; the least I could do is find out what's in my syllabus that's going to be tested tomorrow.