Sunday, January 22, 2012

the tipping point

i'm getting more and more scared of the day A level results are released; i have so much hanging on what alphabets are printed in that column. it'll probably decide what i will do for the rest of my life. so yes, no stress. everything has been pretty smooth sailing so far and if everything just goes to hell on that day... i guess i'll just join the ranks of the disappointed and depressed. i never thought i would have stood such a chance, this is so absolutely frightening.

and somehow i'm no longer as afraid from that tv show i was watching just now, though i'm still rather scared of taxis.

anyway, it's been awhile since i last posted. i haven't exactly been busy, just lazy heh heh. basically this week in a really short list:

monday - interviewed prof j. b. and then went chinatown and came home to annoy the dogs heehee
tuesday - went back to HC and sat in a really confusing physics class, understood about 10% (which is really quite an achievement for me), interviewed prof c. c-t. (lol i finally saw what the HC boarding school looks like), early 团圆饭 ie 3 hour hotpot buffet with D, A, QW and YP (so fullll~~)
wed - slothed at home
thurs - slothed at home + went to bedok specially to satisfy a koi craving but they had no green tea macchiato T.T
fri - smu "interview" ( sigh guy who was... overly friendly @@ ) and 团圆饭 with loved ones :)
sat - made some progress on the wall decals with lc, went to old airport road for lunch, popped by ying's house to check out her london loot (lololol), picked up stuff and read the longest blog post ever.

and since i've decided that i like having pictures on my blog...

1. 2. 3. 4. doggy stalking from monday, i apologise for angel's really really enlarged face hahaha. vicky's i-am-a-firebreathing-dragon face is so cute ^^

5. 6. the awesome dinner on tuesday involving lots of beef, balls, and ice cream (argh my bald spot is back!)

7. amazingly, nice iphone 3GS covers still exist; ying got me this from london ^^

and that's it for this week, maybe there'll be photos of my wall once we finish sticking the decals :D and i'm thinking of taking down the MJ posters so that i have space to stick actual photos and instaxes, but that just feels so wrong :O