Monday, January 23, 2012

his legacy

i think this is one of our best family photos, both my mum and dad are smiling ^^ my sis doesnt like it though cause she thinks she looks weird :(

i came to the rather shocking realisation today that cookie lives on in his adorable little puppies. it's hard to think of that round blonde chihuahua as a father but wow, he has kids ._. and when i look at the puppies i can see the bits and pieces that were all cookie's. especially the adorable little "socks" angel and amber have. it's... amazing to think vicky + cookie -> 5 puppies. i really wonder how vicky can be so nonplussed about the life she and cookie created together. i'm glad cookie left us such wonderful puppies to help fill the giant hole left behind in his absence.

and i now sort of understand why people have children. or at least one of the reasons. and i was telling my sis that the next generation's reunion dinners are going to be so much smaller. my parents, my sis and i, our possible husbands, and our possible kids. it's so much smaller than what i'm used to, it scares me to think how different it'll be. right now our steamboats happen around two super large round tables. our future one will barely fill up one. it just wont seem as festive anymore :/ we'll have to fill in the empty spaces with lots of cats and dogs ! or maybe my sis will have lots of babies hahahahahahaha