Sunday, December 18, 2011

the therapeutic effects of a bowl of chocolate

baking today felt good; there was no one breathing down my back and no one chasing me to hurry up. just me, the new up-sized fridge, lots of sugary stuff, lots and lots of tissue, and the old cranky oven. and a big bowl of melted chocolate and butter (which took a really long time to prepare). i didn't feel like tinkering around with pots to made a pseudo double boiler so i just microwaved my chocolate chips and butter at the lowest heat in 30second blasts and it kind of took awhile. the rest was pretty much normal, since with brownies all you do is chuck everything in and stir. the recipe asked for nuts but im much happier with oreos so i bullied them into pieces with my rolling pin (i've never actually rolled anything with it yet) before using scissors to cut them up because my mum was complaining of the noise. she also complained that i talked to myself too much :( anyway i was attempting to make rocky road brownies, which is just a funky brownie with marshmallows, chocolate chips and nuts on top but i sort of ended up with this and i must say it's not bad :D

i made a bit of a mess cutting them up but they were really good with milk *nomz* ^^

oh and my cousin's guinea pig is super cute, it looks like the head of a mop but black and with a pair of shiny bright eyes. and it makes funny bubbling noises *_*

oh and i helped my mum dye her hair today! it was weird because i was wearing plastic gloves and rubbing brown-ish stuff into her hair @@

and my thighs still ache, but not in the nice way anymore. it's more of a i-think-i-may-roll-down-the-stairs kind of my-legs-are-going-to-collapse-under-me ache T.T