Thursday, September 15, 2011

your faith walks on broken glass

one week and a bit more to go; hang in there hang in there hang in there~~
the papers have been really terrible so far, especially the not finishing part and the last minute cramming. seriously, what was i doing during all those hours at the reading room???! i feel as if i haven't gotten anywhere on my revision and dammit i am so tired now i'd be crashing in bed except we had such a heavy dinner i feel as if my stomach is starting to exert gravity on everything around me. lol acio pillow~~

gotta keep reminding myself of why i'm going through all of this for; that teeny tiny barely existent chance of finally getting something that keeps slipping out of my reach. it will all be worth it! even if you don't get what you want :S as miss sun very happily told us before bio, "enjoy the paper!" which i actually do, but that's only during the process of doing and puzzling out questions. the time limit just ruins everything because you can't fully appreciate how much effort has gone into creating a question to totally screw with your head and self-confidence lololol. and then after that you're like, oh shit why didn't i write that or oh shit why no time againnnn!

i wish my digestion would speed up a little. oh lol i just got reminded of a scene i saw in a sci fi show where cute little creatures made of fat bud off people and start walking around making cute sounds. it was really weird, they just bud off like exocytosis lol. and yeah, no link.

and and and omg i can't wait for after A levels, so many things i want to do~~
trip with class to... taiwan?
trip with ying to somewhere nice and relaxing where we can just sloth about reading books (there are so many i've been wanting to read!)
some time at acres/ animal shelter to immerse myself in some furry goodness
lots and lots of ultimate
playing final fantasy!
coding a new blogskin (finallyyyyy~)
watching movies while nomming on giant bowls of assorted cereal
snuggling up in bed and never getting up
going to the beach and being a public hazard/nuisance (i miss the feel of sand and sea on bare feet D:)
long slow walks to nowhere
sleeping in on rainy days
sleeping in on lazy days
sleeping in whenever i want to
sleeping on the living room floor and cuddling with all the dogs (that actually sounds kind of barbaric lol)

and okay, i'm done tormenting myself with all the things i want to do, time to go shower now that i feel less likely to trip over my own tummy lolol. and i need to start fighting for possession of the ipad, apparently there are a lot of super cool apps! and omg i need to buy film for my instax ]< there's none left rarhhhhh~