Sunday, September 25, 2011

these 3 inches are beyond me

murtabak adventures with ying on saturday was omnomnom awesome, we wandered down to this zamzam place and cleverly ordered one each and got so full we were burping murtabak the rest of the day. super good and i'd post pictures but i'm too lazy n.n i need to update my food album soon yummy~

this was followed by a long overdue walk down haji land and we saw these pretty laptop cases/file thingys that we were so tempted to get but didn't D: then went to bras basah where i promptly sat on the nearest bench to nurse my aching feet while ying got her contacts before we proceeded to do even more walking to soul for the flb flea which was mega packed and spent our time crab-walking through the crazy crowds. ended up only getting some instax film which i plan to use a lot of soon :D and if i really do end up so shutter happy i shall have more pictures to plaster onto my wall @@ that sounds a little scary though so maybe i should consider getting an instax album instead hmms :/

oh and friday after chem paper was pickup in school which was really awesomeeeeeee~ wheee my feet are grossly patchy again but this is what i get for playing barefoot. but it was all worth it n.n mmm 12 more hours till after-prelims and i can finally go ecp again for cycling with the class, though i'm not sure yet if i feel physically up to cycling since i feel super tired for some strange reason even though i had like 14 hours of sleep :/ yeah, 14 i kid you not ;D it was good and filled with the half-remembered dreams that come with deep sleep.

and my back is starting to hurt from all this sitting on the floor so it might be time to lie down and accidentally fall asleep so that i can have some 8 hours of sleep and just not study for bio since prelims are a lost cause anyway. but then my guilt will come back and bitchslap me and i'll spend the rest of the day emo-ing about why i seem to have no self-discipline whatsoever. so i think i shall spend some time reading a book instead and start revision at... 10 :/ sounds like a plan, seeya~

and what a long pointless rant this has turned out to be ._.