Tuesday, September 20, 2011

all packed up

(oh lol i just posted this into the wrong blog mmm might be time to clean up my dashboard oops)

my room looks livable again yay~ except it's just going to return to its paper avalanche state once i take out chem for tomorrow D< shall delay that and bask in the vast amount of floor space i suddenly have again n.n (lol strange urge to sprawl on the floor and sloth around but then i'll fall asleep and you won't hear from me again until 11pm when my sis kicks me awake as she seems to be doing quite often; ouch backaches)

anyway i can't wait for prelims to be over, each one just gets more and more painful urgh. i suddenly feel a little bit like a krill in a too big ocean. and this is unrelated, but i had the strangest dream involving cows yesterday :/

and im itching to get shoes again but i can't help it this are my female singaporean genes doing their thing (lol i actually read the newspapers today and it talked about how sg women are more materialistic :O oh wait i knew that already :/) and so, in the spirit of not hoarding, i must resist! actually i don't have a choice the monster pair of toe crushing boots i want are way out of my league but gah they are so awesomeeeeee maybe china will spew out a knock off >D zzz shoe lusting in the morning is such a bad way to start the day. i must step away from the com before i do something i shouldn't but won't regret... which is not possible, even the temptation of lemon meringue pie gelato at SOA cant make me get off my butt. phooey i shall just sit here and inhale teddy bear fur.