Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i stole the stars and hid them in my room

omg 2.5hours of assembling and fighting with industrial strength double-sided tape but its FINISHED YAYYYY! its actually much brighter but yeah, bad pictures cause my cam can't take in the dark very well. and lol, the holes in my icosahedral bacteriophage head-lookalike are cause i'm apparently more idiotic than your average idiot, cause i stuck the double-sided tape on all the wrong places and even though they gave extra strips for idiots like me, the extras still weren't enough. so yeah, i sort of improvised but everything didnt fit that well. seriously, how could those manufacturing people in china be considered "low-skilled"; freak i think assembling this took more skill than i evidently possess.

but heh heh heh, i managed to assemble it with only chinese instructions to follow kay! okay fine, and pictures too but they didn't really make much sense. i'm thinking this shall be my new night light (omg i stepped on my laptop while flouncing about in the dark just now; it's still working though. okay, right, duh, i'm blogging on it -.-) and the coolest part is that it has a power cable so i don't actually have to buy batteries. teehee, what an awesome way to use electricity >]

oh but urgh, fingers hurttttttt~