Saturday, July 30, 2011

your leaving smile

okay i shall do a proper post now that my iphone is restored and i've only lost 20 days of memory/ies x_x

friday was elections for j1 exco, mm best part was the central plaza pickup and omg the lightup disc is gorgeoussssssss; whoever came up with it was a genius. we played j2s v j1s and i'm glad i got to play with the team for one last time (for now and the near future) (there's still pvsp, but i guess not everyone will be there since its so close to prelims sigh) it was so close to being a perfect night, minus some fuckup in the evening and add in you :/

today was a mega time wasting day, i just watched a 2.5 hour movie and i didn't understand the plot at all; i don't even know the title so dont ask. it was just people shooting each other and blowing things up and strange accents and lots of swearing. i feel guilty for not doing anything productive today; urgh the result of utter laziness.

and just this afternoon (i think :/ my sense of time is a bit messed up) i watched half a korean movie about this strange insurance agent who went all over trying to find clients who he signed up despite suspecting they were just going to kill themselves once their insurance could be cashed in. i didn't get that one either.

epic time wasting day :/ i feel so aimless, shall go lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. if it weren't so high i'd paint the hogwarts crest on it ]<