Saturday, July 23, 2011

you set me spinning

i have wayyyyyyyyyy too much trash in my room; i spent friday and today doing some cleanup but i'm such a hoarder, i can't bear to throw anything away :(

and i can't help that i have so many shoes and bags T.T what am i supposed to do? throw them away too?? D: blasphemy~!

but hey, at least i finally got to filing my GP pile and omg it's so thick it could almost rival my bio notes :O how depressing zzz. oh and i cleared out all of last year's newsweek and the economist that i never really read, oops :S

ok i lost my train of thought, it wandered off somewhere into cyberspace to ogle at this really pretty bag that i want to get too but know i obviously shouldn't and technically can't afford *facepalm* omg i need retail therapy @@

what a frivolous post lol :/


"I am going to give you a piece of advice, advice I wish I’d been told back in high school, in between the don’t-do-acid and don’t-drink-and-drive films. I wish our counselors had told us, “When you grow older, a dreadful, horrible sensation will come over you. It’s called loneliness, and you think you know what it is now, but you don’t. Here is the list of the symptoms, and don’t worry, loneliness is the most universal sensation on the planet. Just remember one fact; loneliness will pass. You will survive, and you will be a better human for it."
-Douglas Coupland

the wonderful thing about photos and bluetack is that you can stick all your best memories on a wall and go to sleep each night with a smile on your face. and in the morning when your body feels too weary to get up, you only have to open your eyes to remember why you still do every day.