Thursday, July 07, 2011

that feeling of almost remembering

omg my mouth finally feels normal again; wtf blood oranges are gross, the damn thing killed all my taste buds and my tongue felt like this limp piece of dead meat. urgh, gross image. grosser feeling ]<

oh, i realised all meat is dead. oh wait, not true, some meat is eaten live... i think :/

anyway, the class got lectured like crazy by ms sun during bio tutorial today, i feel guilty ttm even though i actually tried to study but she made all of us sound so doomed and hopeless and it was all together very depressing. i dread to get my paper back after she mercilessly tore apart all the stupid answers we gave. T.T i predict another fail for bio. SIGH.

and omg, i found a dead... chrysalis-like thing on my wall; it was empty o_o which means some thing crawled along my wall until it found a nice spot above my MJ poster, made its little pupa, did some transforming and flew off; all this without me knowing @@ im creeped out.

... sigh i'm in a hazy state of mind right now, keep wanting to start on something but then the thought slips away and im back in semi-comatose mode ._.