Thursday, July 14, 2011

in time we'll find

sigh my thoughts are in a mess, so just a quick post to sort them out.

anyway, training made me rather... pensive and i was really disappointed with myself because interjcs are a day away and i'm still not ready for them. but in the end, ready or not i'll still be there; this led me to the thought that the rest of the team will be there too and that thought really just filled me with wonder.

because even if we don't think we're that great a team, it doesn't change the fact that we'll all still be there on saturday. isn't that amazing? there aren't many people you could say that about. after all, look at how much our batch has shrunk and you know that the people still here will be the ones who'll be there next to you on that final deciding day. maybe i'm just blowing up the whole thing, but somehow being able to trust someone to be there when you need him/her is a fucking great feeling. we're going to play interjcs because the 20 other people in your team don't care how screwed up we are; we're not going down without a fight. if we win, good for us; if we don't, we tried.

but somehow, i think we've already won a much more important fight; we didn't give up. despite all the trainings taking up precious holiday (and block-test-mugging) time, we still went for the trainings. why? i have no idea why i did, and i have even less of an idea why the rest did, but i guess its something that we just did. it's not something anyone would do. many people chose not to much earlier on. and so we've come down to our last training; wow.

i suppose very few people will actually see this post, but i'm really thankful for the team that we have even if abilities-wise, we're not particularly spectacular. after all, at least i know that they're still around not simply because they're good at the game but because it means something to them. and the fact that they haven't given up on the rest of the team, and hopefully not given up on me, means a lot to me.

i guess there are people in the team who think we'll win, and there are those who think we won't. but it doesn't matter because i know you'll be there on saturday and win or lose, we'll do it as a team.

and that's really fucking amazing, don't you think?