Sunday, January 02, 2011

with your words like knives; and swords and weapons that you use against me

today was generally a good day, though sometimes i think i'll be a lot happier if i just slept earlier. and it's not the sleep that will help, just the not staying awake.

anyway general recap, dinner with thirteeners at beautyworld on 30th and lunch with them again at plaza sing on the 1st were good. it's nice to be with people who already know you, the comfort of familiar ground i guess.

the last day of the year was kinda nice, though it ended on a semi-sour mood since we started arguing on the way home. didn't have a countdown but neighbours did and... oh forget it i can't bring myself to write about it here because it feels too... exposed and i'm the kind who'd rather add salt to my wounds in private. so moving on...

today was nice, had bbq for dinner and finally got to have some alone time to laze around and i felt a lot better until... awhile ago. i miss my metaphorical rock a lot. i think i just don't like having responsibilities. school hasn't even started and it already feels as if there's always something someone needs me to do that i haven't and god i don't even want to think about my work.

ok no more random rambling. tata.

"It’s easy to be miserable. Being happy is tougher — and cooler."
-Thom Yorke